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Re: [laptop-discuss] Re: Re: Re: Wireless driver for sol x86? wpi

Subject: Re: [laptop-discuss] Re: Re: Re: Wireless driver for sol x86? wpi
From: Brian Xu - Sun Microsystems - Beijing China
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 12:13:37 +0800
s acres åé:
Thanks for the replies Brian. Can't seem to get wep to work though. Tried with nwam, I pick my AP, the pop-up asking for key appears, I enter key ...it appears again, no luck ... doesn't connect. Any ideas or the preferred way to connect wpi0 to wep enabled ap (128-bit)?
You can try with the command line tool: dladm or wificonfig

for dladm, you can try like this:
#dladm create-secobj -c wep /name(saying mykey)/
input your 128bit key here
#dladm connect-wifi -e your_ap_essid -k mykey wpi0

for wificonfig, you can try like this:
#wificonfig createprofile /profilename(saying test)/ essid=your_ap_essid encryption=wep wepkey1=your_128bit_key
#wificonfig -i wpi0 connect test
next time, you just need connect with the test profile, which has been saved for your use.

Any other questions, let me know pls.


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