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Re: Sysadmins

Subject: Re: Sysadmins
From: "Alfred M\. Szmidt"
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 21:25:21 +0100
   >    I am not aware of any provision in *any* variation of TC that
   >    would preclude you from installing your own boot loader or
   >    operating system.  Can you provide a citation of such a
   >    mechanism, or can you explain how you envision that this might
   >    be enforced by the mechanisms that have actually been
   >    proposed?
   > The hardware can refuse to run anything that hasn't been
   > authorised by the manufcuter of treacherous computing hardware.

   This is an issue that I have actually tracked very closely.

   To my knowledge, there is no such feature in any currently proposed
   or implemented TC hardware. Can you please identify a specification
   that supports your assertion?

It does not have to be implemented currently to be possible.  The
remote possibility of having a evil company dictate what I can or
canno listen to is bad enough.

And as someone else pointed out, some non-free gaming machines.

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