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Re: New dependency for kdelibs and kdebase: dbusmenu-qt

Subject: Re: New dependency for kdelibs and kdebase: dbusmenu-qt
From: Tom Albers
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 11:40:49 +0200
On Thu, 29 Apr 2010 21:28:48 +1200, Ben Cooksley <[email protected]>
>> To ensure KNetworkManager was still usable with dbusmenu, I added a
>> hackish way to disable dbusmenu in KStatusNotifierItem: it won't export
>> the menu on dbus if you set the environment variable
>> It's a dirty hack, but I felt it would not be a good idea to add a
>> proper API for this, as we should encourage developers to use standard
>> menu items. Kubuntu Lucid will ship with a one-line patch in
>> KNetworkManager which sets this environment variable in main(). I
>> haven't proposed it for merging, but I can do it if you feel it's
>> necessary.
> Please do it. This will ensure other distributions get it so that
> KNetworkManager isn't broken for users when they update to KDE 4.5.
> Avoiding breakages to critical ( in the eyes of users anyway ) tools
> is a must.

fwiw, i agree

Tom Albers
KDE Developer

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