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Re: Patch for bug 178275

Subject: Re: Patch for bug 178275
From: "Aaron J. Seigo"
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 10:16:04 -0600
On Saturday 21 March 2009, rahman duran wrote:
> >looks ok; though i'd probably just write is a single line for readability
> and
> drop the bool temp :)
> Habits, hard to change :)

heh.. no doubt. ok, i'll go make sure this works and commit for you.

> >and you should really get an svn account someday if you haven't already ;)
> I still don't feel that comfortable, ..yet :)

you can (and until you are comfortable, should) still pass patches by other 
people with more experience even if you have your own svn account. but this 
way we can look at the patch and provide feedback but you can commit it 
yourself upon success.

it's really up to you, of course :) i hope to continue to see patches rolling 
in from your email address, all the same :)

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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