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Re: [patch] add KDE_SLAVE_DEBUG_POPUP support for KIO slave debugging (w

Subject: Re: [patch] add KDE_SLAVE_DEBUG_POPUP support for KIO slave debugging windows only
From: Ralf Habacker
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 08:09:11 +0100
JarosÅaw Staniek schrieb:
Ralf Habacker said the following, On 2008-02-06 17:18:
JarosÅaw Staniek schrieb:
For review:

A workaround for OSes where DebugBreak() does not work in administrative mode (actually Vista with msvc 2k5) - display a native message box so developer can attach the debugger to the KIO slave process and click OK.

The patch allows to use
instead of
 set KDE_SLAVE_DEBUG_WAIT=protocol

to get the popup for any version of msvc and any windows version.
As no DebugBreak() is the executed in "KDE_SLAVE_DEBUG_POPUP" mode, depending on the actual needs, user can just click OK without attaching, and continue using the KIO slave.

You can find more info on the sourece of the problem in "Note (Vista only)" section of [1].

[1] http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Debugging/Debugging_on_MS_Windows#Debugging_kioslaves
Jaroslav, would it be possible to detect the affected operation system version automatically and to display the popup without introducing a new environment variable ?

Yes, that was my original thought as well. But after a while, I have found more value in the current proposal - you can decide whether you want to execute debugger or not for a particular instance of ioslave program, even on XP. So I'd like to keep additional variable.

I understand


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