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some Questions

Subject: some Questions
From: eslic
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 13:00:22 +0100

my name is Agustín Benito, I'm the coordinator of the companies that are 
developing mEDUXa, the linux distribution of the Educational Department of 
the Canary Islands Local Govertment. 

3 of us gonna attempt to the meeting to participate in the conference on 
Saturday 27 th at 12. I've requested a couple of days ago if there was room 
for us for the first five days. We are waiting for an answer. I am aware this 
request comes late, so if there is no room, we'll look for an alternative.

I would like to ask if is there any chace to let some of the technicias 
participate in the conference through an internet audio or video connection, 
like through the iax client or something like that. If it is possible, we'll 
be able to answer all the technical question the assistants would ask.

Is possible to do that in some of the parallel meetings that is gonna take 
place in AKADEMY ?

We'll take a laptop. Do we need any othe thing to make the conference and 
participate in the rest of the activities?

Thanks a lot

Agustín Benito 
Coordinador empresas mEDUXa
Grupo CPD

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