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Subject: branches/work/libarchive-based-ark
From: Henrique Pinto
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 23:24:53 +0000
SVN commit 691125 by henrique:

 * Plugin for zip files using libzip

 M  +4 -2      CMakeLists.txt  
 M  +3 -0      ark/plugins/CMakeLists.txt  
 A             ark/plugins/libzipplugin (directory)  
 A             ark/plugins/libzipplugin/CMakeLists.txt  
 A             ark/plugins/libzipplugin/kerfuffle_libzip.desktop  
 A             ark/plugins/libzipplugin/zipplugin.cpp   [License: no copyright]
 M  +4 -4      cmake/modules/FindLibArchive.cmake  
 A             cmake/modules/FindLibZip.cmake  

--- branches/work/libarchive-based-ark/CMakeLists.txt #691124:691125
@@ -21,14 +21,16 @@
 #macro_log_feature(KDEPIMLIBS_FOUND "KDE PIM libraries" "The kabc library from 
the KDE PIM libs is required to build kgpg" "KDE svn: trunk/KDE/kdepimlibs/")
 #macro_log_feature(TPCTL_FOUND "tpctl" "Tpctl is used into klaptopdaemon for 
supporting a ThinkPad" "http://tpctl.sourceforge.net/tpctlhome.htm";)
 #macro_log_feature(GMP_FOUND "GMP" "The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic 
Library is required for building kcalc" "http://www.swox.com/gmp/";)
 #macro_log_feature(PYTHON_LIBRARIES "Python Libraries" "The Python library is 
required for building SuperKaramba" "http://www.python.org";)
-macro_log_feature(LIBARCHIVE_FOUND "libarchive" "Library for reading and 
writing streaming archives, required by Ark." 
+macro_log_feature(LIBARCHIVE_FOUND "libarchive" "Library for reading and 
writing streaming archives, required one of Ark's plugins." 
+macro_log_feature(LIBZIP_FOUND "libzip" "Library for reading, creating and 
modifying zip archives" "http://www.nih.at/libzip/index.html";)
+#add_definitions (-DQT3_SUPPORT -DQT3_SUPPORT_WARNINGS)
 include_directories (${QDBUS_INCLUDE_DIRS} ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR} 
--- branches/work/libarchive-based-ark/ark/plugins/CMakeLists.txt #691124:691125
@@ -1,5 +1,8 @@
        add_subdirectory( libarchive )
+       add_subdirectory( libzipplugin )
 add_subdirectory( bk )
 add_subdirectory( karchiveplugin )
--- branches/work/libarchive-based-ark/cmake/modules/FindLibArchive.cmake 
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-# - Try to find the chm library
+# - Try to find libarchive
 # Once done this will define
-#  LIBARCHIVE_FOUND - system has the chm library
-#  LIBARCHIVE_INCLUDE_DIR - the chm include directory
-#  LIBARCHIVE_LIBRARY - Link this to use the chm library
+#  LIBARCHIVE_FOUND - system has libarchive
+#  LIBARCHIVE_INCLUDE_DIR - the libarchive include directory
+#  LIBARCHIVE_LIBRARY - Link this to use libarchive
 # Copyright (c) 2006, Pino Toscano, <[email protected]>

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