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[Bug 56184] Umbrello XMI file format doesn't conform with uml13.dtd

Subject: [Bug 56184] Umbrello XMI file format doesn't conform with uml13.dtd
From: Oliver Kellogg
Date: 10 Jan 2006 19:37:42 -0000
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------- Additional Comments From okellogg users sourceforge net  2006-01-10 
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>From Tom Morris <tfmorris gmail com>
Subject: RE: Loading Umbrello file into Argo

> > - aggregation="shared" (no such value in UML 1.4.  Legal values are
> > none,
> > aggregate, composite)
> Ah. In XMI 1.2, it's "shared", see OMG document
> formal/02-01-01, pg. A-41 of
> the PDF:
> <!ELEMENT UML:AssociationEnd.aggregation EMPTY >
> <!ATTLIST UML:AssociationEnd.aggregation
>  xmi.value (none | shared | composite) #REQUIRED >

If you look at the introducation to that appendix, the DTD is described as
being generated from UML 1.1 specification using the XMI 1.2 generation
rules.  The DTD in the UML 1.3 specification on the other hand appears to
have been generated using the UML 1.3 spec, but the XMI 1.0 production
rules.  It appears there isn't a good ready-to-use DTD in either of these
specs.  If look page 2-78 of the UML 1.3 specification, you'll see values
allowed for the AggregationKind element.

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