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[Bug 115344] Incomprehensible text in kgeography 0.4 handbook

Subject: [Bug 115344] Incomprehensible text in kgeography 0.4 handbook
From: mkkot
Date: 5 Jan 2006 18:59:08 -0000
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------- Additional Comments From marcinkocur op pl  2006-01-05 19:59 -------
Big thanks, now it is really clear and helpful. But you did a little mistake in 
button's label:
then &kgeography; will ask for the division in the 
<guibutton>Click Division in Map...</guibutton> mode but not in other quiz 

Real button's name's <guibutton>Click Division in the Map...</guibutton>.

And for make this doc even more clearly, I suggest to change this:
It is then as if this division does not exist in &kgeography; quiz modes.

 It takes place when this division does not match for &kgeography; quiz modes.

I hope, that I understood this sentence correctly. Sorry for any mistakes in 
proposals, I'm not native English speaker.

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