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Re: Kandula_1 ba patch 5(a)

Subject: Re: Kandula_1 ba patch 5a
From: Dasarath Weeratunge
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 18:37:35 -0400
Quoting Hannes Erven <[email protected]>:

> Hi Dasarath,
> thanks for editing and commiting the WS-BA core patch. I'm glad we 
> finally did it ;-)
> There are two things left:
> 1. you did not yet commit the files in 
> Kandula_1\src\java\org\apache\kandula\wsbai , so the SVN checkout does 
> not compile cleanly at the moment.
> 2. The patch attached adds Georg and me to the contributor's list on the 
> team page ;-)

Done. However, I'm still to regenerate the site. I've got to run home now:-)

> > What's next? I suppose I have now checked in all the code.
> > I know that there was another patch on sample code-- and a big one too:(
> > 
> > How about completing the docs on the website and I'll let you do the rest 
> > yourself:-)
> Yes, the sample application is the next big chunk -- and then we could 
> start refactoring the package structure.
> By "completing the docs on the website" you mean adding the missing 
> parts to the WS-BA How-To? That's definitely something that should be 
> done and can best be explained by looking at the samples. I'd rather put 
> the samples into SVN first, so we can e.g. link to JAVA or config files 
> in the SVN.
> If you agree to vote us for committers, we're ready and it would 
> definitely be a great honour for us.

Yes, Sir.


> Best regards,
>       -hannes

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