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Kandula interop sample - run transaction manger from service

Subject: Kandula interop sample - run transaction manger from service
From: <>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 09:59:44 +0100



Kandula interop sample works fine… however what about when I need to start the whole transaction stuff not from the client but from the service?


Let’s assume service (call it Initiator) that contains functionality of InteropPortTypeRPCServiceTestCase.java from the sample (starts transaction manager, activate and register within coordinator service). This service invokes InteropService (like in the sample) and if transactions handlers within these services are deployed correctly, coordination context from Initiator should be passed to InteropService in the message header and initiates registration within the same activity. My trouble is that Transaction tx = tm.getTransaction() called from TransactionHandler while invoked refers to null. Where’s the difference between interop sample and example described above?


Please correct me if the idea using transaction manager like in the sample is wrong or if there is more straightforward way how to get described functionality.



Many thanks

Michal Burian


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