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[K12OSN] Hi all

Subject: [K12OSN] Hi all
From: "Rhys (Hauraki IT)"
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 15:55:24 +1200

Im installing k12ltsp for the first time into a school.  Having a problem with k12ltsp ver 6, the server is installed and running fine, im testing with a single thin client pc (tried several pc’s) and im getting the same error message;


/etc/screen_session: line 1: tty: command not found

/etc/screen_session: line 1: get_cfg: command not found

/etc/screen_session: line 1: cut: command not found

/etc/screen_session: line 52: [: : interger _expression_ expected

/etc/screen_session: line 85: exec: /etc/screen.d/: is a directory


Any ideas

Apologies if this isn’t a support email address, but I have searched for the answer for fruitless hours.

If there is a common problem forum or wiki that you would prefer me to use, could you email link back.


Thanks for your time

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