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[javasf] Destino do JSF

Subject: [javasf] Destino do JSF
From: Kenji
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 01:39:26 -0700 PDT

(...) Because there's no timeframe on when a JSR will form for JSF
2.2+, the Seam and RichFaces developers will keep making features that
users need, but now some of those features may end up drifting outside
of the JSF specification.  View Actions, for example, will be
implemented in Seam Faces instead of the specification.  RichFaces
developers will continue their ongoing discussions with other JSF
libraries (IceFaces, PrimeFaces, etc.) about how to deal with the
issues caused by JSR-314's dissolution.  (...)

E agora, José?


Leo K.

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