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Re: trying to run Tomcat

Subject: Re: trying to run Tomcat
From: Gary Benson
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 15:33:54 +0000
Per Bothner wrote:
> Gary Benson wrote:
> > In the section entitled "Download Tomcat" the two tarballs have
> > the same name.  I'm guessing you need to remove the "-compat" from
> > the first.
> Fixed.  (It may take an hour or so for gnu.org to update.)  Thanks!

No problem :)

> > Also, in the Fedora-specific section you mention checking the
> > /usr/bin/java alternative.  There's also a /usr/bin/javac
> > alternative which is not slaved to /usr/bin/java so it might be
> > worth adding a check for that too.
> I wasn't sure if tomcat depends on javac, and didn't want to clutter
> the document too much.  But I changed that too.

Tomcat uses javac to compile JSPs.


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