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Many "Bad file descriptor"s and Socket's break my communication

Subject: Many "Bad file descriptor"s and Socket's break my communication
From: Martin Egholm Nielsen
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 12:16:36 +0100
Hi there,

I've been using the last four days to narrow in a strange problem in my webserver. I have a multi-threaded webserver running on an embedded ppc405 module running Linux (2.4.2x) and libgcj (3.4.3 - ancient I know). The webserver is running SSL (thanks to Jessie) with keep-alive support. Fine!

However, due to a typo in my connecting SSL-client, I somehow forced the client/server to create a new socket connection (and thereby start SSL-handshaking) each time the client wanted to talk to the server. (The "somehow" on the client, was registering a new HostnameVerifier and a new SSLSocketFactory on HttpsURLConnection.)

This consequently made each thread belonging to an old request hang in a "read()" way down in Jessie on a gnu.java.net.PlainSocketImpl$SocketInputStream.

However, as the sockets were "closed" (or whatever Sun's HttpsURLConnection implementation does when "abandoning" its cached sockets in my client) I would have expected the stuck invocations to "read()" to return -1 more or less immediately afterwards. (As all the faulty examples I've created to reproduce this does!) But no, instead of returning, they just keep being stuck there - but not forever!

After some 10-20 new connections to my server, _suddenly_ 10-20 stuck read()'s "return" by throwing me IOException's with "Bad file descriptor"! And now, I really don't care if I get "-1" returned cleanly or I am thrown these IOException - that is, _if_ it didn't "brake" the new socket connection triggering the throwing.
And for "brake" I have only a vague explanation:

1) Mostly I've seen "huge" amounts of data (~200 chars) disappear from the triggering socket's inputstream. Resulting in my request-thread getting stuck in a read() never getting any of the expected data. 2) On seldom occasions I've seen only "small" amount of characters disappear - one char, and sometimes more.

That was a long story, but I have a smole hope that somebody can guide me further in solving this. Alternatively, I would really like to know how to provoke read() to throw "Bad file descriptor" instead of -1, so that I might have a chance reproducing this with a much smaller example.

Best regards,
 Martin Egholm

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