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Re: Lucene and Chinese language

Subject: Re: Lucene and Chinese language
From: Robert Muir
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 08:35:16 -0400
2010/7/1 Kolhoff, Jacqueline - ENCOWAY <[email protected]>

> As you can see, the query parser automatically added double quotes and
> blanks. But this does not work for our English or German queries.
> If I use the PositionHackAnalyzerWrapper and the case with * I got no
> results, query is:
> +anotherfieldname:description +myfieldname:*åçåè*
> If I remove the * the query is:
> + anotherfieldname: description
> +(myfieldname:åmyfieldname:çmyfieldname:åmyfieldname:è)
> and I got results but not for German or English queries.

its working correctly, your chinese wildcard query doesnt make sense, as you
havent indexed the text in a way to do queries like that (you have indexed
individual chars).
in practice this is where you would do a chinese phrase query of "åçåè"
(with quotes) instead of *... but if you use the positionfilterhack, you
cant do phrase queries.

Robert Muir
[email protected]
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