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Re: about analyzer for searching location

Subject: Re: about analyzer for searching location
From: Samarendra Pratap
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 18:32:56 +0530
Hi. I don't think you need a different analyzer. Read about
If you are using parse() method of QueryParser. Enclose the searched string
in extra double quotes, which must obviously be escaped.

Query q = qp.parse("\"united states\"");

2010/4/15 Ian.huang <[email protected]>

> Hi All,
> I am implementing a search function for address by hibernate search which
> is based on lucene. The class definition as following:
> @Indexed
> public class Address implements Cloneable
> {
> @DocumentId
> private int id;
> @Field
> private String addrCountry;
> private String addrDesc;
> @Field
> private String addrLineOne;
> private String addrLineTwo;
> @Field
> private String addrCity;
> ......
> As you see, addrCountry, addrLineone and addrCity are fields for search. I
> am using default analyzer in index & search. So I think country name like
> United States would be indexed as two terms United, and states.
> In addition, during search, a search keyword like United states, or Salt
> lake city would be tokenized as two or three single words.
> As result, any address fields contain united, city would be returned. like
> United Kingdom, but actually I want to get a result of united states.
> My expected result as following:
> if someone searches for "united" it should return "united states" and
> "united kingdom".
> if someone searches for "united states" it should return "united states",
> and not "united kingdom".
> I hope the analyzer can generate term with multiple words. say, united
> states to united states. I think standardanalyzer would analyze united
> states to united and states?
> A different example: if search keyword is parking lot in Salt Lake City,
> the generated terms to search need to be: parking lot and Salt Lake City,
> not parking,lot,salt,lake and city.
> I wonder if any analyzer can help me to implement my requirement. It would
> be better to use dictionary based solution, then I can manage some search
> terms that could have multiple words.
> thanks
> Ian

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