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Re: Query about Query.ToString()

Subject: Re: Query about Query.ToString()
From: Mark Harwood
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 19:31:08 +0000
This was part of the rationale for creating the XMLQueryParser which can be 
found in contrib.

See here for the background: 

On 17 Feb 2010, at 18:44, Aaron Schon wrote:

> Hi all, I know that persisting a Lucene query by query ToString() method. Is 
> there any way of reconstructing the query from the string itself?
> The usecase is that I will be storing a library of queries as strings and 
> load the appropriate query (from the string) based on some conditions.
> Is this possible? Could you share a code snippet?
> p.s. apologies for the double posting (I had asked this on Lucene general and 
> was asked to ask here instead)
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