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Re: Indexing synonyms for multiple words

Subject: Re: Indexing synonyms for multiple words
From: Michael McCandless
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 10:07:17 -0500

Shouldn't WORD2's position be 1 more than your SYN?

Ie, don't you want these positions?:

   WORD1  2
   WORD2  3
   SYN 2

The position is the starting position of the token; Lucene doesn't store an ending position


Sumukh wrote:


I'm fairly new to Lucene. I'd like to know how we can index synonyms for
multiple words.

This is the scenario:

Consider a sentence: AAA BBB WORD1 WORD2 EEE FFF GGG.

Now assume the two words combined WORD1 WORD2 can be replaced by another
word SYN.

If I place SYN after WORD1 with positionIncrement set to 0, WORD2 will
follow SYN,
which is incorrect; and the other way round if I place it after WORD2.

If any of you have solved a similar problem, I'd be thankful if you could
share some light on
the solution.


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