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Re: crawler questions..

Subject: Re: crawler questions..
From: adasal
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 11:07:23 +0000
That's interesting.
I've been working in python recently, not crawling though.
But, as ever, the more you get into it the more curious you get.
Did you come up with a solution to a node error?
Are you really talking about a broken link, or are you just saying the
bottom of the tree has been reached?
Presumably the last one would be when every link on every page has been
followed, which means you have to track what pages have been crawled and
find a way of uniquely and correctly identifying them internally? I think
the problem is that while a URL might be unique, there can be more than one
URL pointing to the same content - for instance in struts where action a and
action b are appended to a URL but produce the same result. I believe I am
right about this.
In the site that I am working on google have told us they are unable to
crawl the whole site because some URLs result in a loop - another problem.
It would be cool if you have solved these sorts of problems, or rather can
identify where they are on a site in a quick and easy way.


2009/3/4 bruce <bedouglas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi...
> Sorry that this is a bit off track. Ok, maybe way off track!
> But I don't have anyone to bounce this off of..
> I'm working on a crawling project, crawling a college website, to extract
> course/class information. I've built a quick test app in python to crawl
> the
> site. I crawl at the top level, and work my way down to getting the
> required
> course/class schedule. The app works. I can consistently run it and extract
> the information.
> My issue is now that I have a "basic" app that works, i need to figure out
> how I guarantee that I'm correctly crawling the site. How do I know when
> I've got an error at a given node/branch, so that the app knows that it's
> not going to fetch the underlying branch/nodes of the tree..
> How do I know when I have a complete "tree"!
> I'm looking for someone, or some group/prof that I can talk to about these
> issues. My goal is to eventually look at using nutch/lucene if at all
> applicable.
> Any pointers, or people, or papers, etc... would be helpful.
> Thanks
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