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Re: Re : porting lucene on to mobile phone

Subject: Re: Re : porting lucene on to mobile phone
From: Karl Wettin
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 19:16:21 +0200

8 okt 2007 kl. 19.17 skrev saikrishna venkata pendyala:

You only require boolean term queries? And no scoring, sorting or
anything like that?

In that case, it should not be that hard to rewrite Lucene for your

Can I rewrite lucene to match the given query with some title ?

Sorry, I still don't understand.

If you only want matching and no scoring (i.e. you will not get to know what document was the better or worse match), then it is no that hard to get rid of all floating points.

See LUCENE-584 for seperation of Matcher and Scorer.


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