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Use of Field(String name, TokenStream tokenStream)

Subject: Use of FieldString name, TokenStream tokenStream
From: "Developer Developer"
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 15:27:36 -0400
Hello Frens,

I am observing that a Field constructed using tokenStream i.e Filed fl  =
new Field(String name, TokenStream tokenStream)  is not converted to the
lower case when stored in the index.
The terms in the index are exactly same as those in tokenStream.
When I do a phrase search,the  PhraseQuery converts the search string to
all lower case , however it does not find any hits in the index because in
the index the terms are all in the Mixed case ( i.e as they appeared in the

My questions are

is this the correct behavior of Lucene ?
If so, why do we need Tokenstream constructor  when we cannot even search on
it ?
is there a way to convert the tokens to terms while storing in the index
when using tokenstream as input to Field?
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