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Re: Help - FileNotFoundException during IndexWriter.init()

Subject: Re: Help - FileNotFoundException during IndexWriter.init()
From: Antony Bowesman
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 19:27:21 +1000
Michael McCandless wrote:

Hmmm.  It seems like what's happening is the file in fact exists but
Lucene gets "Access is denied" when trying to read it.  Lucene takes a
listing of the directory, first.  So if it Lucene has permission to
take a directory listing but then no permission to open the segments_N
file for reading, that would cause this exception.

Is it possible that your virus checker thought the segments_gq9 file
had a virus and turned off "read permisson" in the ACLs for it?  Can
you check to see which specific file(s) it thought had viruses?

What's in the segments file? The virus would have existed in one of the attachments in another directory queued for indexing. Those files are queued by a process that has no involvement with the indexing and has not caused a problem on another machine with Mcafee on it. This one has F-Secure.

Unfortunately I was too quick to cancel the message as assumed it was not a problem until I looked at the test logs.

Is it possible to tell the virus checker NOT to not check files in
your Lucene index directory?

Yes, I've disabled it currently while the new test runs. Let's see. I'll re-run the test a few more times and see if I can re-create the problem.

Thanks for the rapid response Mike

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