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Field boosting in MemoryIndex

Subject: Field boosting in MemoryIndex
From: "Garrick Toubassi"
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 09:56:02 -0700

I am playing with MemoryIndex for a situation in which I have a large
number of small, ephemeral documents that I need to fire queries at.  It
appears to be at least 5x faster than RAMDirectory for my usage, which
is large enough to be interesting.

However MemoryIndex does not seem to support per field boosts, which is
something we need.  I presume its not a terribly difficult thing to
extend MemoryIndex to support per field boosts, but I am looking for
pointers from any lucene/MemoryIndex wizards on exactly how to attack

Any guidance would be much appreciated.



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