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Re: default AND operator

Subject: Re: default AND operator
From: Chris Hostetter
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 13:35:53 -0700 PDT
: index using the StandardAnalyzer, the docs are transformed using that
: analyzer then written to the index post transformation. So stop words or
: things like apostrophes would be removed.

if the analyzer used behaves that way, then yes -- the indexed terms will
remove those things.

: "Scott's Lawn and Garden Care"     becomes    "Scott Lawn Garden Care"
: It just seems that my index written using the StandardAnalyzer still has
: things like apostophes and also things like the & symbol.

1) maybe you didn't really use StandardAnalyzer when the index was built?
2) keep in mind there is a differnece between the indexed terms (matched
when doing queries) and the the stored values of fields which are
displayed when you look at docs -- the stored values are never affected by
the analyzer.  when you say you still see apostophes in your index, are
you looking at hte stored values, or are you looking ta the indexed Terms?
.. as i recall Luke lets you see both.


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