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Lucene-In-Action book - any details?..

Subject: Lucene-In-Action book - any details?..
From: "Vladimir Olenin"
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 10:29:57 -0400
Can anyone, pls, advise, based on which version of Lucene the 'Lucene in
Action' book is written? I've looked at various releases
(http://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/pub/appl/apache/lucene/java/archive/), and
it seems like there was a big gap between 1.4 and 1.9 release (over a
year), with 1.4 release around end of 2004. I assume the book is based
on 1.4 then, but there must have been a great deal of rework done since
then, especially that no new versions have been released for such a long
time (again, assuming, the changes were quite big and not
incremental...). So, how outdated the book is from these prospectives:
- basics and overall architecture
- main algorithms descriptions (from which performance for different use
cases can be approximated)
- functionality
Thanks a lot!
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