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Re: Solr, the Lucene based Search Server

Subject: Re: Solr, the Lucene based Search Server
From: Chris Hostetter
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 14:42:03 -0800 PST
: Solr is a new open-source search server that's based on Lucene, and
: has XML/HTTP interfaces for updating and querying, declarative
: specification of analyzers and field types via a schema, extensive
: caching, replication, and a web admin interface.

FYI, last year when I anounced that CNET was using Lucene, some people
expressed interest (off list) in knowing more about the mechanism used to
manage updates to the index, and cache the individual Filters associated
with each of the options...

Solr is that mechanism.

The pages use a custom Solr plugin to determine all of the individual
Queries to execute based on the category, but Solr's built in Filter
caching and DocSet methods are what make it possible to efficiently
compute all of the Attribute Filter counts. (in Solr a DocSet is an
abstraction representing all documents that match a Query or Filter,
without any scoring or sorting -- like a BitSet returned by a Filter,
except that Solr can optimize small sets into a smaller representation)

: For more information, see Solr's home page at


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