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Re: [patch] Create sdk style directory on install

Subject: Re: [patch] Create sdk style directory on install
From: Joshua Sumali
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 00:12:36 -0400
Joshua Sumali wrote:
Andrew Haley wrote:
Joshua Sumali wrote:

Please see the two (updated) patches. The updated patch for the
"Packager files" thread is now part of the sdk-home patch attached here, since I had to modify to generate those packager files this
time around.

gcc-install-and-docs.patch creates man and info pages for aot-compile
and rebuild-gcj-db, and also documents the new install options
(--enable-java-home, --with-arch-directory, --with-python-dir) as
requested by Matthias.
gcc-libjava-sdk-home-update.patch is mostly the same as the first patch
I posted here, except with these main changes:

   - aot-compile and rebuild-gcj-db are now installed in $bindir
   - if --with-python-dir is not specified (say, in a regular upstream
build) , and are installed in
$(prefix)/share/python. Otherwise, those Python modules will be
installed in the path specified with --with-python-dir. I modified
aot-compile -> to append whichever path and was installed in, so that it can actually find these
modules (it wouldn't look in $(prefix)/share/python by default).
   - the SDK symlinked binaries, as well as aot-compile and
rebuild-gcj-db are now `transformed' as requested by Matthias.

OK, thanks.

Outstanding issues:
1. @Matthias, I'm still not sure what you mean by "Same for using
GIJ_VERSION". Also, the issue about "why using the long version at all?"
2. rebuild-gcj-db doesn't have a licence header on the top of the
file... is this required? And if so, what's the right thing to do about it?

Make it GPL.

Updated rebuild-gcj-db with license header.

Actually, please don't do anything with this patch yet. I've noticed a problem with rpm packaging as the sdk-home and python stuff gets installed into its hardcoded paths instead of using $(prefix). This makes the rpm build fail in the %install section since the files are still installed into the --prefix specified in `./configure --prefix=<...>` instead of the prefix specified by `make prefix=<...> install`. Fixing this problem ...


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