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Re: Patch: Remove fastjar

Subject: Re: Patch: Remove fastjar
From: David Daney
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 15:11:59 -0800
Tom Tromey wrote:
This removes fastjar from the tree, as requested by the GCC SC.

In order to build libjava, you will now need an external 'jar'
executable; libjava/configure will search for 'jar' and 'fastjar'.

fastjar doesn't have a home yet.  It was rejected from savannah
because fastjar.texi is GPL and not GFDL.  Most likely I will import
fastjar into the rhug repository on sourceware.org (and then fix it up
to actually build).  In any case I don't think this issue should
affect whether or not this patch is committed.

I didn't include the generated diffs or the diff which actually
removes the fastjar directory.

Built on x86 FC4.  Ok for trunk?


:ADDPATCH build:

2006-03-30  Tom Tromey  <[email protected]>

        * Makefile.def: Removed all mention of fastjar.
        * Makefile.tpl: Removed all mention of fastjar.

2006-03-30  Tom Tromey  <[email protected]>

        * Makefile.in: Rebuilt.
        * Makefile.am (ZIP): Removed.
        (libgcj-$(gcc_version).jar): Use $(JAR).
        (src.zip): Likewise.
        * configure: Rebuilt.
        * configure.ac: Check for jar.  Removed code to set ZIP.

Perhaps gcc/doc/install.texi should have something added to reflect the new requirements for building.

David Daney.

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