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Re: [VOTE] release Lucene 2.1

Subject: Re: [VOTE] release Lucene 2.1
From: "Yonik Seeley"
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 11:42:39 -0500
- some contrib modules can't be built without the user downloading
more jars themselves
- the "demo" in the binary package currently needs to be built by the
user, and needs a special build.xml that doesn't rely on lucene source
code (oops).  I just verified that this was also broken in the 2.0.0

My opinion:
- things aren't worse than in past releases
- people can always use the binary release to get pre-built jars
- people can always get the source for any version out of our
subversion repository
- most people's use of the source jar is not to build Lucene, but to
study the source and/or point their IDE at it.
- not all contrib modules are equal... some like highlighting and
stemmers are often used, while others like gdata shouldn't even be
rev'd at the same time as lucene.

So, given that these aren't code quality issues, I think the biggest
benefit to users would be to get this out the door as is, and work on
the output of "ant dist src-dist" going forward to tighten things up.


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