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Re: removal of JIRA attachments

Subject: Re: removal of JIRA attachments
From: Doug Cutting
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 12:22:14 -0800
+1 We should not generally remove obsolete attachments in Jira.


Yonik Seeley wrote:
As a general rule, I don't think we should be removing attachments (of
code) on JIRA issues.

- it represents a loss of code... it's not like subversion where you
can go back in time.  earlier patches can also sometimes be simpler in
places, or can take a different approach, and there can be value in
keeping them around.
- it makes earlier comments in a JIRA issue harder to follow (the
comments now refer to something that is no longer accessible)
- If people submit single patches for an issue, it's easy to tell
which is the latest... no need to remove earlier ones.  Even if they
are named differently, it's still relatively easy to tell what was
added latest.  Confusion happens because people add multiple separate

When a user requests that all patches except the latest be removed
(just for the purpose of clarity), we should educate them.  If they
have multiple versions of multiple files, we should ask them to submit
a single patch for clarity rather than removing outdated stuff for



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