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Re: NewIndexModifier - - - DeletingIndexWriter

Subject: Re: NewIndexModifier - - - DeletingIndexWriter
From: "jian chen"
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 18:31:23 -0800
Hey guys,

Following the Lucene dev mailing list for sometime now, I am concerned that
lucene is slowing losing all the simplicity and become a complicated mess.

I think keeping IndexReader and IndexWriter the way it works in 1.2 even is
better, no?

Software should be designed to be simple to use and maintain, that's my



On 2/9/07, Yonik Seeley <[email protected]> wrote:

On 2/9/07, Doug Cutting <[email protected]> wrote:
> Yonik Seeley wrote:
> > As long as you wouldn't object to a org.apache.lucene package in
> > With the understanding of course, that the onus would be on Solr
> > to keep up with any changes.
> I wouldn't object to that.  Would you?

Nope... Solr bundles Lucene, so if there are changes that take longer
to adapt to - so be it.  Solr doesn't need to work with every Lucene


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