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Re: Clustering IndexWriter?

Subject: Re: Clustering IndexWriter?
From: Vic Bancroft
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 07:17:21 -0400
adasal wrote:

Don't be coy, what's your comapany?

This URL is derivable from the text, with a little search ening help . . .


On 21/09/06, Steve Harris <[email protected]> wrote:

Warning, I'm a vendor dude but this isn't really a vendor message.

My IT guy had mentioned to me that a bunch of the open source products
we use (JIRA, JForum etc) have Lucene inside and in the name of eating
our own dog food
I tried to cluster IndexWriter (with a RAMDirectory) using our
(terracotta) clustering technology.

Took me about a half hour to get the basics working from download
time. I was wondering, do people in the real world want to be able to
cluster this stuff? Is clustering the IndexWriter really all I need to do?

If it is interesting, how do I feedback a small code change into the
project. We don't yet support subclasses of collections and
SegmentInfos subclasses Vector. I just turned it into aggregation
(that took 10 of the 30 minutes). We will support this in a future
release so it isn't a huge deal but I could get something out sooner
if the change was made.


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