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Re: svn commit: r348060 - in /lucene/java/trunk/src: java/org/apache/luc

Subject: Re: svn commit: r348060 - in /lucene/java/trunk/src: java/org/apache/lucene/analysis/ java/org/apache/lucene/index/ test/org/apache/lucene/index/ test/org/apache/lucene/search/
From: Erik Hatcher
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 13:35:59 -0500
On 22 Nov 2005, at 13:19, Doug Cutting wrote:

[email protected] wrote:
+   * Invoked, by DocumentWriter, before indexing a Field instance if
+ * terms have already been added to that field. This allows custom
+   * analyzers to place an automatic position increment gap between
+   * Field instances using the same field name.  The default value
DocumentWriter is not a public class and thus should probably not
be mentioned in public javadoc.
Good point.  Done.


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