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Re: [[email protected]]: Project lucene-java (in module lucene-java) failed

Subject: Re: : Project lucene-java (in module lucene-java) failed
From: Chris Hostetter
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 10:13:11 -0800 PST
: I think you are thinking of target="1.4" type of thing.  I always
: thought this was about binary compatibility of complied code, not the
: language syntax, but I'm not sure.  Erik will know.

Actually, I'd forgotten about "target" ... I checked and the option i was
thinking of is "source"...


...I don't have a way to test it right now, so i'm not certain if it would
catch this case (code trying to use core classes not in the declared java
source version, compiled using a newer javac)  - But it should definitly
catch situations where people try to use 1.5 syntax (ie: "for each", or

: > I don't remember the specifics, but isn't there an attribute for the
: > and
: > <javac> taks that you can use to tell it wether you want it to
: > compile as
: > 1.4 code or 1.5 code? ... I thought setting that option to 1.4 worked
: > even
: > if you had a newever compiler (telling the compiler to use backwards
: > compatible mode)


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