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[jira] Updated: (LUCENE-323) [PATCH] MultiFieldQueryParser and BooleanQu

Subject: [jira] Updated: (LUCENE-323) [PATCH] MultiFieldQueryParser and BooleanQuery do not provide adequate support for queries across multiple fields
From: "Yonik Seeley (JIRA)"
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 20:50:28 +0100 CET
     [ http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LUCENE-323?page=all ]

Yonik Seeley updated LUCENE-323:

    Attachment: DisjunctionMaxQuery.java

- renamed MaxDisjunction* to DisjunctionMax*
- added DisjunctionMaxQuery.getClauses()
- fixed DisjunctionMaxQuery.hashCode()  & equals()
- made DisjunctionMaxScorer package protected (for now at least)

> [PATCH] MultiFieldQueryParser and BooleanQuery do not provide adequate 
> support for queries across multiple fields
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>          Key: LUCENE-323
>          URL: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LUCENE-323
>      Project: Lucene - Java
>         Type: Bug
>   Components: QueryParser
>     Versions: 1.4
>  Environment: Operating System: Windows XP
> Platform: PC
>     Reporter: Chuck Williams
>     Assignee: Lucene Developers
>  Attachments: DisjunctionMaxQuery.java, DisjunctionMaxScorer.java, 
> TestDisjunctionMaxQuery.java, TestMaxDisjunctionQuery.java, TestRanking.zip, 
> TestRanking.zip, TestRanking.zip, WikipediaSimilarity.java, 
> WikipediaSimilarity.java, WikipediaSimilarity.java
> The attached test case demonstrates this problem and provides a fix:
>   1.  Use a custom similarity to eliminate all tf and idf effects, just to 
> isolate what is being tested.
>   2.  Create two documents doc1 and doc2, each with two fields title and 
> description.  doc1 has "elephant" in title and "elephant" in description.  
> doc2 has "elephant" in title and "albino" in description.
>   3.  Express query for "albino elephant" against both fields.
> Problems:
>       a.  MultiFieldQueryParser won't recognize either document as containing 
> both terms, due to the way it expands the query across fields.
>       b.  Expressing query as "title:albino description:albino title:elephant 
> description:elephant" will score both documents equivalently, since each 
> matches two query terms.
>   4.  Comparison to MaxDisjunctionQuery and my method for expanding queries 
> across fields.  Using notation that () represents a BooleanQuery and ( | ) 
> represents a MaxDisjunctionQuery, "albino elephant" expands to:
>         ( (title:albino | description:albino)
>           (title:elephant | description:elephant) )
> This will recognize that doc2 has both terms matched while doc1 only has 1 
> term matched, score doc2 over doc1.
> Refinement note:  the actual expansion for "albino query" that I use is:
>         ( (title:albino | description:albino)~0.1
>           (title:elephant | description:elephant)~0.1 )
> This causes the score of each MaxDisjunctionQuery to be the score of highest 
> scoring MDQ subclause plus 0.1 times the sum of the scores of the other MDQ 
> subclauses.  Thus, doc1 gets some credit for also having "elephant" in the 
> description but only 1/10 as much as doc2 gets for covering another query 
> term 
> in its description.  If doc3 has "elephant" in title and both "albino" 
> and "elephant" in the description, then with the actual refined expansion, it 
> gets the highest score of all (whereas with pure max, without the 0.1, it 
> would get the same score as doc2).
> In real apps, tf's and idf's also come into play of course, but can affect 
> these either way (i.e., mitigate this fundamental problem or exacerbate it).

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