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Faking index merge by modifying segments file?

Subject: Faking index merge by modifying segments file?
From: Otis Gospodnetic
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 23:51:38 -0800 PST

I spent most of today talking to some people about Lucene, and one of
them said how they would really like to have an "instantaneous index
merge", and how he is thinking he could achieve that by simply opening
segments file of one index, and adding segment names of the other
index/indices, plus adjusting the segment size (SegSize in
fileformats.html), thus creating a single (but unoptimized) index.

Any reactions to that?

I imagine this isn't quite that simple to implement, as one would have
to renumber all documents, in order to avoid having multiple documents
with the same document id.

Can anyone think of any other problems with this approach, or perhaps
offer ideas for possible document renumbering?


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