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Re: Contrib in oblivion

Subject: Re: Contrib in oblivion
From: Erik Hatcher
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 04:55:22 -0500
On 12 Nov 2005, at 04:41, Paul Elschot wrote:
Could you try using Ant 1.6.5?   I just built contrib/surround

The joy of developing at the cutting edge...
Was the upgrade of Ant what fixed it?

I upgraded ant and building from contrib/surround/build.xml works here.

ant build-contrib

using the lucene build.xml currently fails at compiling the lucene test code.
Help me out here... the error message please :)

ant build-contrib builds successfully for me. Is it perhaps a missing 3rd party dependency (contrib/db relies on another JAR, for example)?

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