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Re: Build with Harmony (WAS: Xerces-J compilation error)

Subject: Re: Build with Harmony WAS: Xerces-J compilation error
From: Michael Glavassevich
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 21:52:55 -0400

Hi Nathan,

[email protected] wrote on 07/23/2008 10:34:54 PM:

> I'm attempting to run the build scripts with Harmony. What's the
> expected building convention? What JDK is normally used, is the
> build.bat/sh script used, or is Ant invoked directly?

build.bat/sh is used when building the official releases. Ant gets invoked directly for the Gump builds and when I'm working in Eclipse I usually invoke it directly too.

> What version of Ant is known to work.

Should work with Ant 1.6.5 and above though might work with earlier versions. I upgraded the copy in the repository from 1.6.5 to 1.7.l recently.

> In looking at the build.bat script, it seems like it won't work for
> Sun's JDK 6, as there isn't a 'classes.zip' in the JDK_HOME/lib folder.

I recall 'classes.zip' being in earlier JDKs. 1.2 perhaps. If it no longer exists in recent JDKs it will be ignored.

I've tested it with Sun JDK 6 before. It should still work.

> -Nathan


Michael Glavassevich
XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
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E-mail: [email protected]

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