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Question about Binary Encapsulation (Context: Packet Headers)

Subject: Question about Binary Encapsulation Context: Packet Headers
From: "Peter Schwartz"
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 14:54:56 -0500

In searching for the answer to a question I have regarding binary encapsulation, I decided to join the IETF’s listserv to see if anyone is familiar with this.


In the context of packet headers (e.g. IP) and deep packet inspection, does anyone know what binary encapsulation is, and if so, can you please explain it?  I understand the concept of encapsulation, which is the process of appending packet headers to each other as the packet moves through the layers of the OSI model.  However, I have not found an explanation anywhere as to what is binary encapsulation.  In my research, I have looked at research databases (e.g. ACM Digital Library, IEEE, ProQuest Computing, etc.), Google Scholar, and used Google’s search engine to search the commercial Internet.  In addition, I have posted my question to a few forums and contacted three university professors with expertise in the field of networking.  However, no one seems to know about binary encapsulation.


The few bits of information I have found explain binary encapsulation in the context of computer programming.  However, even with that information, I would have to guess whether these explanations are directly and exactly transferable to binary packet header encapsulation.  With that said, if anyone has time to respond to this email and explain the concept in the context of packet headers, I would sincerely appreciate it.


Another question I have, though I realize that even fewer people might know the answer, is if anyone knows what JSTD encapsulation is.  If not, any explanation anyone can provide for binary encapsulation will still be very helpful.  Otherwise, if no one is familiar with binary encapsulation, can anyone please refer me to someone they think might know about it?


Thank you.






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