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Re: RIM patents using a mime body in a message (and ignores IETF IPR rul

Subject: Re: RIM patents using a mime body in a message and ignores IETF IPR rules
From: Tobias Gondrom
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 18:12:21 +0800
Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:
> Simon Josefsson writes:
>> Arnt Gulbrandsen <[email protected]> writes:
>>>  Simon Josefsson writes:
>>>>  There is no requirement in the IETF process for organizations to
>>>>  disclose patents as far as I can see. The current approach of only
>>>>  having people participate, and disclose patents, in the IETF is
>>>>  easy to work around by having two persons in an organization doing
>>>>  different things: one works on specifying and standardizing
>>>>  technology, and the other is working on patenting the technology.
>>>  How can you practically avoid the first person knowing about it?
>> Make sure (through confidentiality agreements) that the second one do
>> not talk with the first? Putting them in different continents helps.
> The patent submitter has to be the inventor, so the person who works
> on standardisation has to not talk to the inventor at all for this
> scheme to work. This seems rather far-fetched to me. Not one of my
> greatest worries.

absolutely. And actually at least a few years back, the process was that
you have to obtain acknowledgement from all inventors (by signature) so
it would be virtually impossible to be named on a patent in the US
without knowing it.
Anyway, all not relevant as this case is pretty straight forward.


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