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Corporate email attachment filters and IETF emails

Subject: Corporate email attachment filters and IETF emails
From: Robert Moskowitz
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 2009 08:22:56 -0500
ALL my IETF mailing lists come to email accounts that I control on my own mail server. but....

I recently submitted my first Internet Draft since my company was bought by a BIG TELCO, and it has BIG email filtering rules. In large part these rules were developed by my colleagues in the other part of my company that was bought by the BIG TELCO.

But the short of it is that only a small selection of email attachments are let through and otherwise the email is dropped silently. Thus the email for validating an ID submission never got to my corporate email account.

Have others seen this sort of challenge? What do others do? Our corporate IT does not listen to researchers like me to produce individual rules, it seems. As it is they killed an email address based on my intials that I have been using for 10 years (with some changes to the domain portion); got to be the full name...

Should the ID submission tool have the option of NOT including an attachment, perhaps just a URL to a temp file with a 24-48 hr life?

Or is there a way already to customize this that I missed?

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