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Re: Corporate email attachment filters and IETF emails

Subject: Re: Corporate email attachment filters and IETF emails
From: Wes Hardaker
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 07:57:31 -0800
>>>>> On Tue, 08 Dec 2009 19:16:04 +0200, Jari Arkko <[email protected]> 
>>>>> said:

JA> But its good that Bob's IT person has promised to figure this out. The
JA> filters seem simply too sensitive. I have not heard of other people
JA> having a similar issue, at least not beyond an extent experienced for
JA> all autogenerated e-mail (travel reservations etc).

That's all well and good if all you're concerned about is the posting
verification message from the automated servers.

But consider the fact that: half the purpose of posting an ID is to get
comments about it sent to you.  Consider then that if you have any sort
of aggressive filtering in place that's blocking your receipt of the
verification messages then the chances are very very high that you'll
also block comments from some random person out there that happens to
look questionable to your companies blocking algorithms.

I've found large numbers of companies, for example, that assume that all
their traffic is internal to their particular company and start running
spam assassin with very high scores against mail arriving from outside
their local bubble.  This doesn't work well with comments about an IETF

Wes Hardaker
Cobham Analytic Solutions
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