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Re: Corporate email attachment filters and IETF emails

Subject: Re: Corporate email attachment filters and IETF emails
From: Dave CROCKER
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 08:59:23 -0800

Julian Reschke wrote:
Wes Hardaker wrote:
But consider the fact that: half the purpose of posting an ID is to get
comments about it sent to you.  Consider then that if you have any sort
of aggressive filtering in place that's blocking your receipt of the
verification messages then the chances are very very high that you'll
also block comments from some random person out there that happens to
look questionable to your companies blocking algorithms.

I would hope that the ID actually points out a specific IETF mailing list for comments, and the author is reading it.

Sometime back, I tried to convince folks that such a pointer should be required for all I-Ds. It did not get any traction.

So the presence of a pointer to a discussion forum is a matter of happenstance. If an author thinks of it and decides to include it, it's there. But the I-D tools do not look for or require it.



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