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Re: [Trustees] Proposed Revisions to the IETF Trust Legal Provisions (TL

Subject: Re: [Trustees] Proposed Revisions to the IETF Trust Legal Provisions TLP
From: Henk Uijterwaal
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 12:31:53 +0200
Scott O. Bradner wrote:

1st way:
The IETF community provides the IETF Trust with a specific request and
the Trust provides possible changes or new text to meet the specific
request.  The IETF request can come form a WG, in which case it should
be in the form of a BCP (an IETF consensus document) or, with a public
justification, from the IETF Chair (or maybe the IAB Chair).  The Trust
publishes the proposed changes with a 4-week last call and the changes
are adopted if the IETF Chair determines that there is IETF consensus
support for the specific changes.

Isn't this what has essentially happened in this case?  RFC 5377 and
5378 were published and other issues were raised later on.  The Trust
responded by reviewing the TLP and suggest modifications based on the
RFC and discussions afterwards.  The modifications are now out for a
30 day community review.


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