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Re: Retention of blue sheets

Subject: Re: Retention of blue sheets
From: Scott Brim
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 16:12:45 +0200
Samuel Weiler allegedly wrote on 07/30/2009 16:03 GMT+02:00:
[Sorry for the possible duplicate; my posting from last night hasn't
appeared yet.]

During the plenary yesterday, it came out that the IETF has retained the
working group attendance sheets ("blue sheets") from previous meetings,
and those are occasionally the subject of subpoenas.

In the interest of minimizing IETF overhead and reducing legal risks to
individual participants, I'd like to see those old records destroyed.
And, though there appeared to be a variety of opinions, it sounded like
I wasn't alone in this.

The reason typically given for the attendance lists is planning meeting
room capacity. That purpose could easily be accomplished with a
headcount or by counting the number of names on the attendee list then
immediately destroying the list. Most of us aren't mathematicians by
training: we should be able to count the number of people in the room.

What harms would come from destroying those old records and/or not
collecting such details in the future? And how widespread is the support
for destroying them?

-- Sam

I'd be favor of tossing them but there are legal requirements, e.g. on occasion they are subpoenaed.
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