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Re: What Sort Of Jabber Server For IETF Conference?

Subject: Re: What Sort Of Jabber Server For IETF Conference?
From: Peter Saint-Andre
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 09:38:45 -0700
Athar Shiraz Siddiqui wrote:
> Dear List,
> Could someone identify the jabber server that hosts the discussion
> rooms (chat rooms ) for the upcoming IETF conference?

As far as I know it uses the ejabberd codebase.

> How does one get an account on this jabber server?

You don't. This server is used only to host the chatrooms. You need to
create an account on one of the public XMPP services to get on the
network, then join the chatrooms at jabber.ietf.org from your "home"
account. It's relatively easy to create an IM account at one of the
public services such as jabber.org (of which I am an admin), Google
Talk, Live Journal Talk, etc.

> Does this server require SASL authentication?

No, because it hosts only the chatrooms.

> I am writing a client that will be communicating with this server and
> I would like your assistance please.

As long as your client supports RFC 3920/1 and XEP-0045 you will be able
to get on the network and join the chatrooms.


Peter Saint-Andre

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