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Re: Last Call: draft-chakrabarti-ipv6-addrselect-api (IPv6 Socket API fo

Subject: Re: Last Call: draft-chakrabarti-ipv6-addrselect-api (IPv6 Socket API for Address Selection) to Informational RFC
From: "Samita Chakrabarti"
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2007 11:44:31 -0700
Hi Vidya,

The following comment has been addressed already as part of Ted
Hardie's comments. A new API will  be provided to select/bind the
preferred source address before connect().


On 6/4/07, Narayanan, Vidya <[email protected]> wrote:
I'm passing along a comment from one of our developers.  Sorry, I have
not closely read the draft myself. But, if more clarification is needed,
I'll be happy to get more information.

In section 13, the draft describes a procedure applications should
follow in case they require to use the address according to the
selection preferences specified (they should not communicate with
'wrong' address and fail). The procedure requires the application to do
a 'connect()' in step 3. The application may not even want to connect
(may be a TCP application) in case it is not getting a non-preferred
address. There should be a procedure described for such applications


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