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Re: consensus and anonymity

Subject: Re: consensus and anonymity
From: Spencer Dawkins
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2007 06:01:39 -0500
My apologies for insufficient smileys. :-(

I consider that "makes voting seem reasonable" is still an insult in the IETF.

Certainly not my intention to suggest voting as an alternative to secrecy.


From: "Brian E Carpenter" <[email protected]>

Combined response:

On 2007-05-31 21:33, Spencer Dawkins wrote:
The alternative - a WG chair who tells the working group that the apparent WG consensus on the mailing list is being overruled because of anonymous objections that the WG chair cannot share with the WG, or because of private objections that the WG chair is "channeling" from a back room - would make voting seem reasonable (or, to use Mark Allman's characterization in another thread, "seem charming").

I have to differ. This doesn't make voting seem reasonable; it makes
secrecy seem unreasonable.

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