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Re: IAOC Communications Plan: Review Requested

Subject: Re: IAOC Communications Plan: Review Requested
From: Simon Josefsson
Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 20:06:06 +0200
The plan says that the primary form of communication with the community
will be in the form of a public Wiki.  A "Wiki" is unfortunately not a
precise term.  I'm not sure it automatically imply that there are any
indexes, a log of who made what changes when, or a search function, etc.

I would suggest that it should be required that all pages are reachable
from a single 'Table of Contents' page, that the log of changes in all
files are available publicly, and that a list of recent changes is
available.  A search function would also be usable.  Setting up a
mailing list that receives notification of every change to the wiki is
another idea.

If these mechanisms are not in place someone could create a wiki page
'OnSomeThingObscure' and if that page was never linked from any other
page, I doubt that anybody will find it.  It seems incorrect to me to
call writing such a page "communicating with the community".


Ray Pelletier <[email protected]> writes:

> All;
> The IAOC recognizes its responsibility to oversee IASA on behalf of
> the IETF community in a transparent manner and to that end publishes
> this Draft Communications Plan for community review before its
> adoption.
> The Plan can be found at
> http://www1.tools.ietf.org/group/iaoc/wiki/CommsPlan
> It is in pdf and doc/xls formats and consists of two documents, a
> draft plan and a matrix.
> This draft Communications Plan identifies the information to be
> communicated to the community, the desired frequency and the mode of
> those communications.
> RFC 4071 provides general and specific guidance to the IAOC and IAD
> regarding their responsibility to ensure transparency in the operation
> of the IASA. This Plan implements the requirements of RFC 4071 and
> provides additional reports to the community to enhance its visibility
> into the operation of the IASA.
> Section C defines Confidential Information.
> Section D identifies the communications channels the IAOC will employ
> to publish the report.
> Section E defines the reports.
> The Communications Plan Matrix provides the details of what, when and
> where of the reports to the community, as well as specifying the RFC
> 4071 reference where applicable.
> Feedback on this draft plan is welcome. The next iteration of the Plan
> will consider feedback received through 16 May 2007. Reviewing the
> MATRIX may be a good starting point for the review. Feedback should be
> addressed to iad at ietf.org.
> Thanks for the assistance.
> Ray Pelletier
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